Funded Projects

City Council has approved funding for the four projects described below. Given the City’s desire to fund unique and innovative projects, future project submissions should differ from or expand upon the work funded below.

Characterizing the Stormwater Runoff to Ground Water Quality Connection in the Recharge Zone of the Edwards Aquifer, Bexar, County, TX
Evaluation of Wastewater Disposal in the Recharge and Contributing Zones of the Edwards Aquifer Using a Coupled Surface-Water/Groundwater Model
Implementation of a Low Impact Development Test Bed at The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) Main Campus)
Proposal for Stormwater Retrofit and Research Project
Roof Top Harvesting and Stormwater Disbursement over the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone: A Retrofit for Previously Untreated Impervious Cover
Tracking the Primary Sources of Fecal Pollution in the Recharge and Contributing Zones of Edwards Aquifer in Bexar County, Texas, Using Molecular Tools